About Slovenia – The Green Heart of Europe

Before you travel here, let us tell you a little bit about Slovenia: It is a relatively young country which gained its independence in 1991. Before that, it was the most developed country of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. It is a small but well-connected country with a favourable geographic position. It lies in the heart of Europe and borders with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. In spite of its pocket size, it is a land of variety which boasts four different geographical areas:

  • The Alps with beautiful mountains, green valleys and crystal clear waters;
  • The Mediterranean with exquisite wine, delicious cuisine and picturesque coastal places by the Adriatic Sea;
  • The Pannonian plain with thermal spas and spring water with an extremely high magnesium content to boost health;
  • The Dinar mountain range with mysterious underground caves and deep forests bursting with life.

This is the place where you can take your morning walk and a cup of tea by an Alpine lake and finish your day by enjoying your dinner and watching the sunset from a terrace by the Adriatic Sea. The weather is best May-September when days are warm and nights are cool with daytime temperatures reaching 20-30 °C. Autumn and winter are usually a little chilly and wet, but still allowing a pleasant walk outside. Not to mention how enchanting Ljubljana is during the Christmas holidays!

Explore the deep blue Alpine lakes, sunny Adriatic coast, green valleys, historical towns, urban attractions and so much more! Whether you are into sightseeing, nature, historical legacy or activities such as rafting and kayak, Slovenia has something to offer you. Choose from our day trips & tours from Ljubljana or our exciting multi-day tours – and the experienced tour guides will take you on an adventure that will enrich your life in more ways than you think possible.

Interactive map of Slovenia's attractions

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