Slovenia – Points Of Interest map

Interactive map of Slovenia's attractions

Use this interactive map of Slovenia's attractions to learn about all the major points of interest in Slovenia and its surroundings.

Click on an image and a card will pop up. It's either an information card with an interesting fact, or a description of a destination that we offer (included in our day trips, thermal spas, or activities) with a call to action link you can follow to read more about it and book the experience.

Additionally, we included information on all the nearby airports to make planning your visit to Slovenia even easier.

Have fun exploring!

What to see in Slovenia

With its breathtaking landscapes, green forests, emerald rivers, deep blue Alpine lakes, exciting mountain tops, scenic historical towns and castles, Slovenia is like a real size postcard! It also boasts three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Škocjan Caves, Idrija and the Ljubljana Marshes, where great mysteries unravel.

What to do in Slovenia

Take time to enjoy a city tour of Ljubljana, discover Slovenia’s natural treasures, listen to our tour guide’s interesting stories about Slovenia’s historical and cultural heritage, taste the local cuisine and exquisite wine, relax or try some exciting activities, such as rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking and SUP-ing.

Where to go in Slovenia

Since Ljubljana can be used as a hub to explore other exciting locations around Slovenia, major Slovenian tourist attractions, cities, castles and famous landmarks can be included in our day trips from Ljubljana. Discover Lake Bled, Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle, Piran and Portorož, Trieste, Venice, Zagreb, Klagenfurt and more!

Slovenia Tours - Our Mission

Throughout our journey, we develop a relationship with our guests which is not merely friendly but a special one in a way that makes you feel welcome. Our experienced staff will make sure you feel comfortable, guiding you from the very first step you make towards discovering what “The Green Heart of Europe” has to offer you to the point of wanting to come back for more. We are committed to providing an inspiring and unforgettable experience that leaves our guests with a lasting impression of Slovenia and stories to tell back home.