Terme Zreče

Due to its composition and temperature, Laško water is acratothermal, alcalic, and rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, and hydrogen-carbonate. The resort specializes in treating conditions after injuries and operations of the musculoskeletal system with loss of functional abilities, degenerative articular and extra-articular rheumatism, neurological diseases, injuries and diseases of the central and peripheral system, muscle and neurological diseases, conditions after a stroke, certain skin diseases, and rehabilitation of patients with Lyme disease. The healing properties of Laško water have also been used for decades for therapeutic purposes in balneotherapy. One of the largest Ayurveda centers in Slovenia has been successfully operating in this resort for several decades.

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Terme Zreče

Terme Zreče

The key advantages of the Terme Zreče spa resort are natural factors: acratothermal health water with a high content of calcium, magnesium, hydrocarbonate; environmentally friendly peat; fango with natural natural mineral bentonite from volcanic rock. The rehabilitation program and treatment is carried out by qualified medical staff of their own medical center. Aside from their health procedures, they help their guests look after their fitness, relaxation and well-being so they can stay fit and active. Staying at their hotel or villas, enjoying the swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and spending time outdoors in the green hills and forests surrounding the resort is a sure way to a great vacation!

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What to see in/near Terme Zreče

If you want to experience nature from a different perspective, you simply must try out the Treetop Walk on Rogla accessible all-year-round. It offers a 360-degree view over the mountain peaks and valleys of the Pohorje Plateau. You can also marvel at the local vineyards and visit ancient monuments of the past - like the mysterious Žiče Charterhouse.

What to do in/near Terme Zreče

Rogla near Zreče is a perfect spot for adrenaline seekers - the Zlodejevo Winter and Summer Sledding Area with a 1,360 metre long winding track, the Rogla Bike Park with various levels of difficulty, and Fun Park are a must-try! You can also exhibit your style and daring acrobations on your skis or snowboard on the snow polygon with barriers.

Where to go in/near Terme Zreče

If you truly wish to experience Rogla, you should go hiking one of the most beautiful Slovenian trails to the Lovrenc Lakes, also known as the Lovrenc's Pearls. They are the biggest high moor in Slovenia and one of the most important ones in the southern Europe, and they are therefore especially protected part of the largest Slovenian forest reserve.

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